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5521 18th Avenue
Kenosha, WI, 53140


Restoration, Reclamation, Repurposing, and Custom Carpentry from Chicago, Illinois.


Intrigued by the idea of the tarnishing of reclaimed wood – and environmental benefits – into your home?

Reclaiming is a sustainable act that involves saving and recycling historic products for new uses. Examples include old hip roof barns, old doors, trim, windows, even old wood floors.

Recycling wood is an environmentally responsible alternative to cutting down trees and items made from aged wood. It has a rare beauty and distinct character that you just can’t find in new timber!

By recycling elements from old buildings (or even by repairing someone’s historic property), we can preserve valuable items, reduce waste and create a win for the global community.

In the end, every work of art has a fascinating story to tell, as it combines historical spirit with modern design.